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Compare school ranking on new website

July 28, 2008

It’s a verifiable rule of thumb that properties located in neighborhoods with higher performing schools are valued higher than neighborhoods with lower performing schools. Whether or not you have children, it’s a good idea to know about the performance level of schools in a community you intend to live in.

Govern[ate]or Schwarzenegger just made that research endeavor much easier with the launch of California School Finder, a new website that makes good on his word to make school information more accessible to parents and the public at large. Developing the site in partnership with Google and Microsoft, the final product is a clean, super simple web application that even those with the most basic internet savvy can master.

Data from the site comes directly from the California Department of Education. Simply enter a zip code, address, city or school name, and you are presented with a number of schools that match your criteria on a Microsoft Virtual Earth map. There you can search by type of school, proximity, and so on. You can compare various schools based on all kinds of criteria, such as:

  • Academic Performance
  • Student Enrollment
  • Students per Teacher
  • Graduation Rate
  • Drop-out Rate
  • Average Expenditure per Student for District
  • Student Demographics
  • Course Offerings
  • And a number of other items I’m not taking the time to list

Go check it out for yourself and see if that new house you are considering really is a smart move.

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